My Roles

I am best described as a senior financial director with CEO sensibilities; my configuration of skills and experience covers most aspects of finance, business strategy and risk management.

My services include the following:

The role of finance director

I sometimes perform the traditional role of a finance director on a part-time basis. Core responsibilities include:

  • Interpreting and challenging financial data
  • Feeding into discussions on business strategy
  • Providing expert advice on the financial consequences of decisions taken
  • Recruiting, training and mentoring finance-related staff
  • Managing the finance function, facilities, HR, IT and general office administration

Company sale

Managing the demands and deadlines imposed by the due diligence process:

  • Liaising with professional advisors.
  • Preparing and presenting financial information.
  • Supporting the CEO in meetings with investors.
  • Providing strategic advice to the board.

Financial management

  • Providing concise and timely financial information on a monthly basis for the board
  • Instituting processes to record financial information which is accurate and on time
  • Mentoring staff responsible for financial records – to support the above

Financial processes, procedures and systems

  • Ascertaining the business structure of an organisation and the financial KPIs
  • Recommending a suitable accounting package
  • Documenting processes and procedures and training staff
  • Designing and implementing management accounts templates

Corporate governance

  • Mentoring the chief executive in financial strategy
  • Training the board in budget-setting, forecasting, review of financial information – and challenging variances
  • Challenging business case proposals and feeding into key financial decisions.
  • Ensuring regulatory matters are systematically addressed

Risk management

  • Defining the nature of risk management for the organisation
  • Establishing a process for compiling and maintaining a risk register
  • Interpreting the register and using it to inform decision-making

Year-end audit and accounting

Preparing statutory accounts to confirm with the regulatory requirements of Companies House, The Charity Commission or Academies:

  • Liaising with auditors
  • Designing processes and procedures to ensure the early completion of year end accounts

Company secretarial and tax compliance

Although Company Law no longer requires a company secretary to be appointed, the role still needs to be performed. Responsibilities include:

  • Filing accounts
  • Recording key minutes, such as declaring dividends
  • PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax returns online
  • Preparing for and managing VAT and PAYE inspections
  • Submitting annual returns

Gavin is the person I would rely on most for straight-talking financial strategy advice. Not only does he bring a lot of intelligence and experience to bear, but he manages to present it in a clear, straightforward way that makes the right thing to do seem blindingly obvious.

Simon Brickle - CEO at Monterosa

Gavin is an excellent accountant who can look beyond the numbers to the real meaning of what is being reported. His integrity is unquestionable, as is his dedication and total commitment. I would not hesitate in recommending Gavin.

Andrew Fisher - Director at Capita Executive

Gavin has a rare combination of talents; he’s incredibly level headed with an exceptional attention to detail and a great sense of humour. A talented FD and a brilliant boss. His one flaw is perhaps his unhealthy obsessions with Apple gadgets.

Vanessa Arden-Wood - now Head of Entertainment Digital at Network 10