Barristers Chambers

There is now a range of possible practice models for barristers to consider and as a consequence chambers are under pressure to accommodate these entities within their existing constitutional structure and work practices.

It is common for chambers to have a chief executive but not a finance director. But the increasing demands placed on chambers by the Bar Standards Board, Bar Council and Legal Services Board along with commercial pressures to behave in a more corporate manner are encouraging CEOs to look to a finance director to support them in managing chambers operations.

I have experience of working in the barrister environment and taking responsibility for compliance and regulatory matters, together with complaints and office administration.

I am able to contribute to the financial and operational strategy of the set, including developing the budget and a long-term financial and business plan. I have experience of delivering these within a barrister led environment and in a manner that encourages engagement and understanding.

I am used to reporting on a regular basis to barristers within management committees and general meetings.

I have managed the finance function along with fee collection, IT HR and facilities management and have improved both quality and timely manner of financial reports.

I can improve the fees collection process and introduce strategies to reduce the level of debt and the associated administrative burden.

Gavin was appointed by Chambers as Interim Financial Director at short notice. Chambers is delighted that he stayed much longer than originally envisaged. During the time he has been with us he took change of and efficiently organised our financial accounts providing regular financial reports and management information. Gavin also oversaw the running of the building, including refurbishment works in a typically efficient and organised way. It is not easy to fit seamlessly into a set of Barrister's chambers at high level, however Gavin's personality, skill and knowledge of the operation of Chambers including members and staff made it look effortless. During the time he was with us Gavin was a valued member of the senior management team.

Paul Reed QC - Head of Chambers at Hardwicke